Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Proper Home Addressing: A Safety Issue

a message from the Louisville Fire Dept.
Have you ever tried to find an address to meet with friends or attend a party or maybe you needed to drop off something important. What was the address? What’s the house number? I can’t see it …….Oh No, we passed it; now we've got to turn around…….

Sound Familiar?
Think of the mail carrier or the delivery driver trying to deliver a package to you……
You dial 911 for an emergency and the Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, or Police Department are delayed because……… WE CAN’T FIND YOU!

Addressing your home and business is essential to ensure when you need us -we can find you. It is recommended by the International Code Council’s Public Safety Code that an address can be seen from the street and is highly visible. It is recommended that the addressing numbers contrast with the background and are reflective.

If you place the address near the street or on your mailbox, the numbers identifying your address should be on both sides of the sign or mailbox and a minimum of 4” (four inches) tall. This will allow for the address to be seen from at least 100 ft away.

When your address can be seen from the street it allows for better service from everyone you rely on.

Chief Terry Johnson
City of Louisville Fire Department
Cell 803-662-7654

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